FFMHA Player Rating and Team Draft:

Coaching Staff
Fort Frances Minor Hockey will select all team Head Coaches’ prior to player
evaluations beginning. (If enough volunteers apply) All coaches must have “Speak
Out” and Hockey Canada now suggests all coaches obtain a minimum of the Coach
Stream Certification.

Each coach will be allowed to choose an assistant coach. (This is not mandatory) If an
assistant coach is chosen he/she must be identified to and accepted by the Fort
Frances Minor Hockey Board prior to the draft process. Each assistant coach must
have “Speak Out” and be sanctioned by FFMHA.

Player Rating
A FFMHA Board Director will preside over the teams draft and each player will be rated
using the system below. The league convener may be present, but is not necessary for the
draft to be completed.

Rating System and process
Only one coach per team may be present for the draft.
**(Player trades- Coaches must decide prior to commencement of the draft if trades
will be made at the completion of the draft. If trades are agreed upon they can only
be completed with players of equal rating. No exceptions will be made.)**

Goaltenders will be rated at the beginning of the draft from highest skilled to lowest
skilled. The FFMH Director will then place the numbers in a hat to be drawn by the
coaches. The coach who draws the number 1 from the hat must take the highest rated
goalie, number 2 must the second rated goalie and so on. The coach with the lowest rated
goalie will then have the #1 choice in the player draft.

Example – If there are 4 teams in the draft, the order to follow after the goaltender draw
is 1 – 4, 4 – 1. So the coach who picks first will then pick eighth. The coach who chooses
4th will also pick 5th. This pattern will then be followed until the draft is complete.
Example: If there are 8 players rated at #1, and 4 teams, each team must select 2,
#1 rated players before moving to the players in the next column (No exceptions). This will continue until each column has been exhausted.

Players will be rated using the following scale. The following columns will be
numbered and players will be placed in a column agreed upon by all coaches
present at the draft. The column of players will also be listed from highest ranked
to lowest ranked.
Column #1 will contain the highest skilled players down to the least skilled players in
column #5. Players will be rated using the following guidelines (Each to be kept in separate columns.)

Coach and assistant coach’s son/daughter
A coach when coming to the column that their son/daughter and their assistant coach’s son/daughter must pick their son or daughter during the appropriate draft round of that column. Example: If there are 4 teams in the league. If the coaches son is rated a #2 and there are 12 players in column 2. That means there would be 3 rounds of picks for that column. The coach’s son is rated 6th in the column he will have to take his son/daughter in the second round of picks during the draft of the #2 column (No exceptions).
(FFMH Directors will decide all player ratings that cannot be agreed upon by the

The Draft Format is intended to ensure equal balance among teams, creating a fair and
competitive league. Streamlining of players to a particular team, in order to create a
“power-house” or imbalance will not be tolerated.

1 2  3 4  5
Highest Rated        Lowest Rated

At the completion of the draft if the coaches had previously agreed to allow trades,
each coach will be allowed to propose their requested trades. All trades must be
completed with equally rated players only. At the end of the draft the FFMH Director or Convener (if present) will submit the finalized team to FFMH registrar.

Special Circumstances
If a situation arises such as where the top two players available in the draft are the
coach’s kids from the same team then the director with the consensus of all coaches
involved must put in place a procedure that is fair and equitable to all teams
involved in that division.