The Suspension List has been designed to be the minimum suspensions to be levied for the first time occurrence during the hockey season. In order to reduce the possibility of having excessive punishments being levied please do not make these suspensions more severe, as part of normal operations. However, when dealing with repeat offenders, the suspension list has also been designed to enable member organizations to take whatever recourse they may feel is required to control the situation and therefore prevent reoccurrences.

Fort Frances Minor Hockey Association (FFMHA) follows the Suspension List of Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO). FFMHA may not reduce the length of any suspension as deemed by HNO, but may increase the length any suspension as the executive see fit.

Molesting Officials indefinite suspension (minimum 7 games)
Deliberate attempt to injure 3 games
Hair pulling (when match penalty if assessed) 3 games
Grabbing the face mask (match) 3 games
Spitting on an opposing player indefinite suspension (minimum 7 games)
Spearing 3 games
Butt Ending 3 games
Head Butting 3 games
Check from behind (match) 3 games
Kicking 3 games
Second match of season (and any further occurrence) indefinite suspension (minimum 3 games)
First offence 0 games
Second offence 2 games
Third offence 3 games
Any further occurrences indefinite suspension (minimum 3 games)
Second fighting major during the same stoppage of play 3 games
Player identified as first to leave players bench to join a fight 3 games
To join into a fight
Leaving the penalty box to join into a fight
Coach whose team is penalized for players leaving the player's bench 3 games
Penalty box
First occurrence 3 games
Second gross of season and any further occurrences indefinite suspension (minimum 3 games)
Any player involved where fighting majors and game misconducts are assessed indefinite suspension (minimum 3 games)
Coach of a team whose players are so penalized indefinite suspension (minimum 3 games)
Any team involved in a pre* or post** game brawl indefinite suspension of traveling priveleges
and/or fine
to be determined by Hockey Northwestern Ontario

* a pre-game altercation is defined as any altercation that occurs prior to the teams lining up on the ice to start the game.
** a post-game altercation is defined as any altercation involving players and/or team officials who come off the bench at the end of the game or any altercation that was clearly started well after the conclusion of the game

Notes to the Suspension List

  1. The game that the infraction occurs does not count as a game served.
  2. It is the responsibility of each team manager/coach to ensure that his/her players serve their appropriate suspensions. When in doubt seek and obtain clarification or sit the player until clarification is obtained. Suspensions of less than eight (8) games will not be appealable to Hockey Northwestern Ontario.
  3. Hockey Northwestern Ontario player or team official suspension will only be served through 'meaningful' games.
  4. A meaningful game is a regular league, playoff (league or interbranch), sanctioned tournament game or sanctioned exhibition of scheduled games.
  5. Exhibiton games and non-sanctioned games shall not be used
  6. Players and team officials under suspension, other than that assessed for a violation of Hockey Canada Rule 71 are allowed to participate with their teams at the discretion of their association, but may not participate in any regular league, playoff or tournament games, inside or outside the branch until their suspensions have been served in their entirety.
  7. Any Hockey Canada player, coach or other official who is under suspension by a Hockey Canada Branch, league or minor hockey association is suspended fromn any and all involvement in Hockey Canada activities. Any individual under sus***on who does participate in Hockey Canada activites will be subject to discipline by Hockey Canada or the member branch, league or minor hockey association.
  8. Suspensions at one level of hockey apply to ALL levels of hockey within the branch
  9. Suspended players must serve their suspension through the team with which they are carded or of which they are the property, unless the player's team has been eliminated from or is not participating in further play that season and the player is to remain with the affiliated team for the balance of the season (ie. affiliated players cannot, except under those circumstances, serve their suspensions with the affiliated teams.)
  10. Any player or team official under suspension, other than that assessed for a violation of Hockey Canada Rule 71, that has been carried over form a previous season shall not be prohibited from participating in any tryout activities (except sanctioned pre-season exhibition games). The suspension will recommence at 12:01am the day of the first meaningful game for the team for which the player is registered.
  11. Hockey Canada Regulation R - Discipline of Club, Teams, Players and Officials:
    a) Any team using a suspended player in playoff, league, exhibition or tournament games shall be liable to immediate suspension.
    b) Any person responsible for a team having used a suspended player shall also be suspended.
    c) Any team found guilty of having used any ineligible player in any league, playoff, exhibition or tournament game, shall lose any points earned in any game in which the ineligible player participated. The player and/or team officials shall be liable to further disciplinary action in accordance with Regulation F10.