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3530 fort frances  lakers primary 2010



Games in Yellow are in Fort Frances
Games in Grey are in Emo

All ice times in Fort starting on the hour or ½ hour are in the 52 rink

All ice times in Fort starting on the 15 or 45 are in the IFK rink

Team Legend: (note these are the team numbers on the schedule)

U9          Team 1                 Northwest Flyers
              Team 2                 Armstrong Crushers
              Team 3                 Fine Food Fury
              Team 4                 DC Giants

U11        Team 1                 Causeway Cougars
              Team 2                 Gillon’s Sharks 
              Team 3                 Rainy Lake Attack
              Team 4                 Emo U11

U13        Team 1                 BP Royals
              Team 2                 Times Tigers
              Team 3                 FF Firemen
              Team 4                 Emo Green
              Team 5                 Emo Black
              Team 6                 Emo White
              Team 7                 U11 AA

U15        Team 1                 Holmlund Leafs
              Team 2                 Green’s Predators
              Team 3                 Emo Green
              Team 4                 Emo Black
              Team 5                 U13 AA



Ice times that start at :00 or :30 are on the 52

Ice times that start at :15 or :45 are on the IFK

Scheduling Process

Fort Frances Minor Hockey Association has a base contract with the Town of Fort Frances to rent ice. 

The number of hours that are made available to FFMHA fluctuates each week due to many factors including:

  • home tournaments (for FFMHA, FFGWHA, Muskie Girls and Muskie Boys)
  • Fort Frances Lakers home games
  • Muskie Girls and Boys home games
  • figure skating events 

FFMHA house league games are also scheduled around the availability of refs which varies from week to week.  All of the above does not allow for a consistent schedule. 

Every effort is made to give each team (other than IP) 3 ice times per week.  There may be weeks where that is not possible but that is noted and those teams who are short will be offered make up ice at a later date.